What is the Village?

The Village encourages everyone to crush student debt. It’s an easy, budget-friendly way for you to contribute extra payments to a loved one’s student loan. Contributing to a friend or family with the Village accelerates their paydown and lets them become debt-free faster! With FutureFuel.io’s Village feature, you don’t need to have your own student debt to take advantage of the platform.

Inviting a friend or family member to FutureFuel.io through the Village is the best way to crush the student debt of a loved one. The Village removes all the complexity of loan servicer payments, so you can give the gift of a debt-free future effortlessly. First, create an account on the Village. Then, activate Round Up and invite your friend or family member to the platform. Once they accept your invitation, your contribution begins! The best part? The person you invite also gains access to FutureFuel’s full debt-crushing platform, including Read, Roll Up, and Refinance.

As for how you will help through the platform, the Village uses FutureFuel’s Round Up feature as the form of the contribution. Round Up makes use of your spare change to pay down the student loan of your loved one. It collects your spare change and sends it to your recipient's student loan debt. We are putting your spare change to use! It’s the change that matters! You can also take advantage of our Auto Crush payment option. It’s a great way to either continuously contribute (i.e. monthly) or gift them one-time-only payments as well.

What makes things even better is that the Village allows you to invite anyone as the recipient of your contribution: sister, son, a best friend, or even a co-worker. You name it! You can even make contributions to students currently in school.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at help@futurefuel.io

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