How do I connect a loan?

Connecting a loan through is simple and user-friendly! 

Once you create an account, you will be directed to the dashboard where you will be prompted to connect your loan.


Select Connect a Loan and you will begin the process to add your student loans! 



You have three options to connect your loans. You can sync your loans with your loan account credentials, upload your MyStudentData.txt file or add them manually. When you sync your loans, we will continuously pull information from your provider to keep your information current and up to date so that you can see in real-time the impact that you are making on your loan balance by using FutureFuel.


Select your borrower status and your Loan Provider to Sync. Once you complete that portion of the prompt, you will be asked to enter your loan credentials to complete the sync. 


After successfully connecting with your credentials, you will receive this message confirming that you have successfully connected your loan. If you would like to add additional loans, this can be done in the Roll Up section of the platform. 



Any user that has Federal Loans, you will be prompted to enter your MyStudentData file. If you cannot locate it at this time, you can skip it for now and add it later.


After you complete the previous step, you will be directed to this page. This page shows you the loan status of the loan that was just connected. We have included a color-coding system to assist you in understanding your loan status. You can either take the appropriate steps to verify your loan to have it payment ready or finish setting up your loan at a later time in the Roll Up section. 


Please note, this page is here to reassure you that your data is secure and to notify you that all payments through do not replace your monthly payment. 


If you choose to verify your loan, you will be prompted to enter minimal personal information to verify your identity. 



You will also be prompted to add your most recent student loan statement to verify that we have the correct loan information in our system. 

After you complete this step, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you will see your Paydown Chart and other features of the platform! 

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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