How do I add a new loan account?

You can manage all your student loan accounts in your Roll Up Dashboard and add them through either our automatic or manual input methods.

  • Go to Roll Up through the main dashboard using the Menu tab in the top left corner.

  • Click on “Add Loans” located in the top right-hand corner with the blue plus sign.
  • This will take you to the "connect a loan" flow where you can upload your MyStudentData.txt file, sync, or manually add your loan! 


If you are adding a loan manually, you will need the following to successfully connect your loan manually:

  • You will need your loan details and the loan servicers name 


  • After you enter this information, you will need to upload your monthly statement


  • After you upload your monthly statement you will be good to go! 

If you have any issues, find us on Live Chat or email us at

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