What is the Primary Loan Account?

Your Primary Loan Account is the loan account FutureFuel.io sends payments to.

You have the ability to select which loan you would like to be the primary loan. Typically, users select the loan account that has the highest interest rate or lowest balance; it all depends on your preferences.

You can find your Primary Loan and additional loans in the Roll Up section of the platform. 

Please click on the Get Started button or the Roll Up tab from the navigation bar to the left to see which loans you have connected or how to add a new loan.

Your Primary Loan will be the loan labeled Primary on the top of the loan card:

When you hover over the dollar sign, it will notify you of the status of your loan. This will also be color-coded depending on your status. 


Above is the colors and what each means depending on the current status of your loan. 


If you would like to change your Primary Loan, you will need to select the three dots in the right-hand corner located next to the loan name. A drop-down will appear and you can select "Change Primary Loan Account"

When you select "Change Primary Loan Account" you will be able to select your loan. If the loan is not verified yet, you will not be able to make it your Primary Loan. 


Select a verified loan you would like to be the Primary Loan, click next, confirm and you are all set! 


If you have any trouble with your loans or need help with the process, please find us on Live Chat or through email at help@futurefuel.io

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