A Message from FutureFuel.io

To our community,

We hope you, your friends, and family are staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Like everyone else, we’re concerned about the future and understand COVID-19 seemingly changed the world overnight.   

We understand you may have questions or even concerns about covering your bills, which includes your student loans. Please know that no matter what, we’re here to help. Our mission at FutureFuel.io has always been to serve you, and we remain steadfast in that commitment. In the coming days, weeks and even months, we’ll be helping you navigate through these challenges.

Many of our users have been seeking immediate ways to reduce their monthly student loan payments, due to either income lost or the urgent need to redirect a portion of those dollars to build a nest egg. If you are looking to reduce your monthly payment, we encourage you to explore Reassess. This tool was built to help you understand, in a matter of minutes, the federal repayment programs that you are eligible for, such as income-driven repayment programs. Rather than trying to figure this out on your own, we automate the entire process, saving you hours upon hours of time and stress.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your student debt data. Don’t worry - we give you three simple ways to do this, with self-help videos that guide you as to where to find your information (like your MyStudentData file, which has all of the information on your federal loans in one place).
  2. Indicate your income, state of residence, and the number of dependents.

That’s it. Based on the unique composition of your student loans, and your financial situation, we do all of the hard work of mapping federal repayment programs for you. You will be able to view your current payment plan and research other programs that may immediately lower your monthly payment while weighing what this will mean over the life of your loans. Don’t believe it? Check out a real user moving through the 67-second process here.

The average user saves $254 per month by switching to an income-driven repayment plan. Again, switching plans is completely free. And, you’re not alone: 30% of borrowers have already switched to income-driven repayment programs. We anticipate a surge in enrollment in plans like these, due to concern over jobs and wages.

We have also been receiving a significant level of interest to speak with an expert, student loan counselor. If you would like more hands-on support, simply email help@futurefuel.io so that we may schedule the next steps.

Finally, as more people elect to stay at home, you may find yourself shopping online for everyday purchases. We’ve teamed up with over 450 brands to help you earn cashback on these purchases with our new program, Giveback by FutureFuel.io. We’ll automate the cashback you earn towards your student debt – helping you pay it back faster!

Our team is committed to you and your well-being. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time! You can find us on Live Chat or via email at help@futurefuel.io
The FutureFuel.io Team

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