What is Giveback?

Giveback empowers users to make every purchase count by helping you pay down debt with everyday purchases from your favorite brands!

With iconic brands offering to partner with FutureFuel users, you can pay down student debt while shopping. On average, money found through cashback offers can crush $4,900 and 23 months off of a loan. 

Download the Giveback extension here.

After you install the browser extension, all it takes is three easy steps! 

  1. Browse Brands: Check out all the brand offers on FutureFuel.io.
  2. Claim an Offer: Make a purchase with any offer presented to get a percent back.
  3. Crush Debt: We’ll collect the offers you redeem and send it over to student debt.

Have questions? Find us on Live Chat or email help@futurefuel.io

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