What is AutoCrush?

FutureFuel.io reduces the hassle of making extra payments through a loan servicer by allowing student loan borrowers to make one-time and recurring extra payments to their student debt with the click of a button. These are part of our AutoCrush tool option and can help you make the most of any extra money that you might have available to pay towards those student loans. Every additional payment made through the platform helps crush debt faster, so you can use FutureFuel.io’s one-time and recurring extra payment feature to speed up your student debt paydown. 

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Connect a Loan: Choose how you’d like to upload your student loan information.
  2. Connect an Account: Connect to a bank and select the funding account for your extra payments.
  3. Set an Amount: Decide how much you’d like to donate and the extra payment type and you’re all set.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our support team via Live Chat or through email at help@futurefuel.io

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